Standard Chartered SMART Credit Card Review

Hey guys welcome back to millentrading and in this BLOG we are all about building financial knowledge, share money, saving, hacks and also help you lead a fulfilling quality of life. So today i’m going to talk about credit card right and in particular i’m going to talk about the standard chartered bank smart credit card.

Now this smart credit card is something new released in year 2021 and previously we did not have such offering of this kind of cashback in standard charter bank. So it’s really an interesting card that I really want to talk about and also refer you guys right. So, let’s start with the highlights of this card right, you actually get like six percent cash back on your spend on those spent on eligible categories and the other highlight is there is no minimum spend.

So that is the main points of this card right, really high cash back value and also no minimum spend, which I think is a big win for a lot of people who are low spenders because you guys are unable to hit the minimum spend and sometimes you’ll Forget to track those Spend and then you miss out the whole month of cashback right. I understand your frustrations as well. So, let’s talk about this card and the eligible categories right you get like 19.

2 reward points per dollar spent on the following, namely fast food such as mcdonald’s, kfc, subway and burger king coffee and toast such as yakun kayatos, toast box and fun toast outlets digital subscriptions, Such as netflix spotify, youtube and disney plus, and then your daily commute in your public transportation, rides like your bus. Mrt fires simply go so this car is essentially a rewards points card right for every eligible transaction. You earn some kind of reward points which is equivalent to six percent cash back if you actually go and convert your points into the cashback rewards in the standard chartered rewards merchant category – and I think six percent with no minimum spend is really quite a good category.

To spend on right, because you don’t have to worry about minimum spend every month and because all these categories, they are kind of useful in our daily life right. If you’re talking about public transportation as long as You don’t drive in singapore, you definitely can achieve it. Six percent cash back, not too shabby, and you definitely need to eat right, especially when fast food is so convenient nowadays and so much value for the price you pay, such as mcdonald’s right.

They always run deals and kfc, not that i’m advertising for them right, because it’s not sponsored – and we are talking about cafe and toast. Let’s say you want to meet up a friend go and cheat chat right like at yacoon or toastbox or fun toast. Then I think it’s great to use this card.

Six percent cashback don’t need to think about minimum spend, but if you’re, not the cashback guy and if you’re a mouse guy, then you’ll also be delighted that this card is actually quite versatile as well, because when we are talking about reward points, actually these reward points Can also be converted into travel airline mounts, so I code from standard charter website right if you have 3500 points, that’s equivalent to 1015 miles so to save your calculation that will be equivalent to 5. 6 miles per one dollar singapore spent. But if you are a higher tier standard chartered member, where you hold like the visa Infinite card or the standard charter x card, you have a discounted redemption rate, which makes you redeem the miles at seven mile per dollar.

If you use the standard chartered smart card, but you know that with every upside, there must be a downside for this credit card as well right because we are talking about the cashback being kept at 14 and 400 points per month anyway. If you really want to sign up for this card, then you do use my referral link down below, because sync saver is actually running a promotion right now and then you could get some gifts, such as cash for now, within the limited time so do sign up Before the promotion period ends right to get your free sign up gifts, especially if you are a new customer to standard charter bank credit cards now, even if you are an existing customer, you also get like 30 via pay now as well. So why not? Right just add it to your card arsenal, then, whenever you need it just take it out and go and spend it.

I think six percent cash back with no email spend is really quite a good point for me to hold that card. So I hope you enjoy this little sharing of the standard chartered smart credit card and help me click the Like button. If you really found value in it and consider subscribing to my BLOG, if you haven’t also join us over at our telegram group at hani money sg, where we discuss more about credit card saving hacks as well.

And if you do want to look at other standard chartered credit cards, then I highly recommend you to watch this video where I did for the standard charter bank credit cards, because I will really go through their card offerings and look at their pros and cons of Each standard charter bank credit cards that you may not know of with that.

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