Easy Forex Strategy For Trader in 2022

Easy Forex Strategy For Trader in 2022

What’s up guys welcome back to the blog? Hopefully, everyone is having a fantastic day in this post. I’m going to be showing you guys and breaking down a really simple forex strategy that you can use day in and day out, to help you capture those gains from the market.

So really quick. If you are new to the blog, make sure you guys smash that subscribe button, give this post a thumbs up, leave a comment below so Really quick guys if you do not have a forex broker, that is always a big concern is which broker should I use? Should I use a funded account, no do not use a funded account. I strongly recommend clicking the second link below my post guys.

Easy Forex Strategy For Trader in 2022

The second link below this post will redirect you to the broker that I use. You can literally fund them with as little as 50. 50, but I recommend putting more in there and they have up to 500 or 1 leverage Okay, so that means that, obviously, you have a pretty big account and you could take at least one lot of some of these positions.

Okay, i’m strongly against funded accounts. Also, if you guys, are interested in ever getting my one-on-one education with me my course or my signals. This is what you see here on the left-hand side.

This is my private vip telegram signals. It is going to be the very first link below this post guys. I put up signals in here 24 hours a day.

I challenge anyone out there to have better consistent signals than me because guess what it doesn’t happen. This is day in and day out. We are absolutely absolutely crushing it just look at all these emojis, i’m getting from my members in my private vip telegram.

So very first thing today we took was actually I should have made a post yesterday because we actually crushed it. We actually crushed it on us Dollar cad. I got to start making more posts for you guys.

I really do because I mean the signals are just crazy. I mean look at the signal right here. We put up, sell 50 lots, look at that, we top ticked it yo.

This is us dollar cd, we top ticked. It look at that. We almost got right at the top.

Look at this beautiful drop. Look at that can’t get that money enough yo uh! We kind of did kind of shitty in the U. s 30.

The other day like I said I try to make these posts for you guys. I try and do my best um but anyways. Let’s talk about today, let’s talk about today, shall we shall we? Let’s talk about today, shall we so today us 30 right here I said uh man, I was kind of late.

Actually I said it like one minute before the market open. I said looking to sell us 30 at 35, 719, 67 um and then basically what happened was so The us 30 was pushing up nice and then also it like snapped, really really hard um. So everyone got the signal.

You could basically see right here. This dotted line is basically what happened. Uh you could see that it was pushed up.

Really. Nice mark was about to open god. I hate when this thing changes, light uh about to open pushed up.

We had a previous resistance area. This dotted line was my cell signal. You can see that emily boom she just dropped Hard.

I mean fast money. Anyone would have made money on this. One guarantee whether you took 0.50, 0. 10 or 0. 5 0.05 lots. You would have made money on that signal uh. So it was it just happened, really really fast put up the chart.

You guys could see that this 30 it was 35 71967. I mean you could see that I mean she, she dropped dropped again dropped again, so I mean both these basically Take. Profit areas were hit, so that was that one was just a really fast trade and then the next one was nzd usd.

So this was a really good trade right here guys. This is a really good trade good signal right here: selling nzd us dollar – and this is where i’m gon na talk about the strategy here guys. So people are like yo.

What did you see with nz us dollar? So, okay, very first thing here when I sometimes if I see this setup happen Really fast i’ll just say: selling nz us dollar right now basically means if you’re in my telegram, just get in the trade just jump in right away. Okay, just boom get in so basically, what I saw here with nzd us dollar is that I remember trying this one in the past and that you know it was pushing up really. First, it had this massive massive push up here right and then it basically had some sort.

It had Its little consolidation and then it pushed up again, but it pushed up towards a previous resistance right. If we go further back here, you could see that back here in the past right. Basically, it was repeating itself.

Okay, it was basically repeating itself all over again. We had this one, two, three candle. We had this big nice push up and then a massive drop right and that’s exactly what I was looking for again.

Not Only did we have it right here, but we basically had it right here. I was fine with it going against me a little bit because I was expecting a big drop right. Why? Because right look at this big drop it made here and if we reset the chart right where we set the chart go by the beginning, we had a big massive push up, so I was basically we had this nice little front side, so I was basically waiting For the back side, but nonetheless we had a nice little push up Towards the previous resistance area.

I told myself like okay well what happened to the passenger on this area right? It dropped down hard. So that’s exactly what i’m looking for. So the best thing that you guys can do right.

It’s like crossing the road guys you’re, just not gon na, like look straight and just cross the road you’re gon na look, look left, look right! You know if it’s just a one-way road right, then you’re, just gon na look at the direction that cars are coming in. So your eyes right, your little beady eyes need to be looking to the left to see what it’s done in the past right and look at that from a support or resistance standpoint. That’s what I do right.

So many people overcomplicate this. I hate when my students say message me about volume. They’re, like are you look at the volume volume volume volume v is the very last thing they should be even worried about, especially with forex right.

This isn’t stocks and Options guys where there’s manipulation, volume, pumping and dumps, none all that stuff volume. That’s why I don’t have any volume bars out here, because volume is not the issue. Okay, it’s chart trading.

That’s why forex trading is the easiest trading out of everything, guys stocks and options, and I can honestly say that, because I came from trading stocks and options for most of my life. Okay – and this is extremely extremely easy. It’s just a matter of pushing, buy and sell And if you don’t know how to trade, then click the very first link below my post and go sign up for my next level.

Forex course, which will teach you everything, including my strategy from a to z. So again, this is what I was looking for with nz us dollar. It was a really good trade, really good signal, because you could see guys what happened.

Was she pushed up really really nice? Look: let’s look at the try here, which should push Up really nice and then boom. I was up italy, 500. , 1750, 2300, and we basically got it at the very top.

We had this nice little push uh this nice little beautiful drop made money. Not only did I make money, but my entire private telegram made money guys and if that’s not good enough for you, I can pull over some of my members gains right now: [, Music ]. So let me just pull over this here really fast, for you guys Put this over here.

So basically, you could see that we just have members each and every single day in my private telegram and my private discord just making money day in and day out. So if you guys are ever interested in joining my team, my signals – that’s again, it’s gon na be the very first link below this post. So hopefully this post kind of helps and educates you guys in some straight point form.

I think too many people just over complicate trading, Especially forex trading in a whole, and you don’t need to you: don’t need to be the smartest person to do that. I’ve had people tell me before they’re, like i’m a really smart person, i’m really intelligent, but you don’t need to do that. You don’t need to be that way.

Actually, you kind of want to be kind of lack. You know lack with this game because when you overthink things, you’re overthinking your trading and it can mentally bring you down. So hopefully, This post helps and educate you guys if you liked it, give it a thumbs up and again, if you’re new to the blog hit the subscribe button i’ll see all you dudes in the next one cheers: .

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