Top 5 Solana NFT Mints In This Weeks

Top 5 Solana NFT Mints In This Weeks

Hey guys and welcome to another top 5 minutes of the week, where every single sunday cover the five most promising mains happening on solana over the next seven days. We have five great projects on today’s list.

I think you get a ton of value, but more on that later i’ve got my coffee and i’m ready to share some awesome projects with you guys. So, let’s Dive right into this first one. So this first project is mile high ape club.

1. Mile High Ape Club

Basically, this is a really hyped up project. They currently have more than 15. 5 thousand followers on their twitter and right here you basically have the website.

So it’s 7 700 next generation mile high apes, uniquely designed and built on the solana blockchain in here’s, basically their artwork. I think this artwork looks really cool plus they have a full storyline right here that I will Not be able to read through, because this video would just be too long, but, as always all of the links to these projects, I feature in today’s video will be Posted down in the description, so you can go check them out and like as always. This is not financial advice.

Do your own research on these projects and invest at your own risk. I’m only here to share my personal opinions and thoughts on these projects and hopefully share some valuable information with you guys, and They basically have multiple phases in their roadmap. They have premand post mint phase, one phase two and phase three, which consists of different things.

As you can see, for example, phase one consists of token and staking system, which is really cool phase two. You have hijacked apes, which there’s not a lot of info about, but i’m guessing. This will be some sort of second collection airdrop to holders or something like that phase three will be apes in the metaverse and Obviously postman will just be like listing on exchanges and establish a dial and stuff like that and right here towards the bottom of the Page, you basically have their founders, which consists of these five people and at the very bottom you obviously have the frequently asked questions.

So basically, what is my life? A club my high hip club is collection of apes from all parts of the world that found themselves on the wrong side of the cockpit door and Basically they’re launching february 12th on the magic game launch pad and right now, as we speak, I just announced a Whitelist giveaway for my high, a club in my patreon group, so i’m basically giving away some whitelist spots to mile high ape club, and this is just a perfect transition over to my patreon. We currently have 160 members, which i’m super grateful for. Thank you to everyone.

Who’s a part of this awesome community, I think we’ve been able to create a lot of Value in this discord already a lot of smart people sharing their knowledge with each other. Basically, it’s five dollars per month. This one is limited, though, after this fills up.

There’s only a ten dollar one left, but basically I share all of the upcoming mints. I’m looking at all of my secondary purchases, my entire crypto portfolio, exclusive whitelist opportunities – and these are not just any whitelist. It’s whitelist for some great projects.

So far, we’ve Given away whitelist spots to retro walls, bulls and bears drippies. Now my high a club and we’ve also secured some wireless spots for cats on crack, which is another really interesting project that i’m super excited for, and there will just be a lot more whitelist giveaways in the future, plus i’m just being active in chat helping everyone Out and sharing my thoughts and projects, all of that good stuff, so patreon link will be down below right now we’re Giving away whitelist spots to mile high ape club, so it’s five dollars per month. I personally think it’s worth it, but obviously that’s just my opinion.

Do whatever you guys want, but the link will at least be down below, so my high amp club is the first project on today’s list. I think it’s a super interesting project now.

2. MekaGorillaz

Project number two on this list is mecca gorillas, minting february 6th, which is actually today.

So, if you’re watching this video like multiple hours After I posted it, you might have missed out on this one, but basically they’re minting today at 2145 utc. So you basically have like five or six hours, i’m guessing after I posted this video to do some research on this project, but this one is whitelist only so i’m not gon na go super deeply into this one, because a lot of you guys probably won’t be Able to mint it, but it’s a super interesting project worth looking into, and I think it could be a really good Secondary play. If you try to snipe this up on the secondary market right after launch.

I think they will do super well, basically, their mid price is 0.7 solana and the total supply is 2072. . So I think that’s a really reasonable, like price to supply ratio, they have more than 8 500 members in their discord, and here you have some of their artwork, so make a gorillaz link will obviously be down below, together with all of the other projects.

3. The Eunoia

I feature now project Number three is unfortunately another whitelist online, but I just had to mention it because this is a project. I’ve been looking at for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have whitelist either, but it’s The Eunoia, however, you want to say it, but basically it’s a pool of 799 intellectuals set in the galaxy of neuaya to portray beautiful and creative thinking minting february, 8th for 1.1 solana.

Basically, 30 spots left, so you might be able to Secure a spot if you’re really gon na grind for it, but basically here is their artwork. I think this looks super cool, super high quality and really unique, even though it’s obviously taking some inspiration from mindful, but still it’s really unique and I think it looks sick and I for sure think it’s gon na do really well, and it will be another really Interesting secondary play, I will most likely try to buy one of these on the secondary market unless they go for Like 50 plus lana, which very well could happen.

They get some insane engagement because everyone wants whitelist spots for this project and I think it will do super. Well.

4. Yaku Corp

Now, project number four is yakucorp minting february 7th, which is tomorrow.

Basically, this is A cyberpunk matterhouse across the whole solana ecosystem, and this project has a lot of plans. They have 14. 6 000 followers, basically they’re, followed by every big influencer and project and right here you have their website, so basically capsule your home in the metaverse.

So this is basically an apartment. You can walk around and stuff. It will be a play to earn game.

As well as a metaverse, so reserve your property in the matters walk around display your Nfts and more to come store your motors in an attached garage in the first yaki tower in the yakuvers, and then you have these insane cyberpunk motors cyberpunk motors powered by organic Technologies fitted to your yakux avatar and play in the first and craziest motorcycle championship in the matters, and then you have these amazing playable, avatars high-end, full-body, 3d avatars. But just something to note is that there’s three different mints for this project. First Of all, you’ll have the mint of motorcycles, only s01 playable in our metaverse and a play to earn game.

So this will be a play to earn racing game and they are launching on the magazine launch pad. As you can see right here, 7005 motorbikes selling for 0. 5 solana, so this is just the first one, but if you want the complete set, you obviously need to mint all three of these mints.

You need a motorbike. You need a capsule which is the apartment. You actually live In, and the avatar to walk around with, but overall really interesting concept really interesting project overall, if they managed to deliver on their promises. I think this could be a huge success.

5. KaijuVerse

Okay, the final project on today’s list is kaijuvers, so they have 4851 followers. The supply is only 1330 and this is another full white list mint, because that’s just the meta these days it looks like, but thankfully I have some white spots to give away for this Project.

So I have three weightlift spots: i’m gon na give away over. In my patreon and three more, i’m gon na give away over on twitter, so both of those giveaways will be open for like 24 hours and will go live exactly when i’m uploading. This video.

So the link to the twitter, giveaway and the link to my patreon, of course, will be down below in the description, so you can go check it out and you have a chance to win a whitelist but to this project. So basically, Whitelist only meant maintain is february 9th for 1. 5 solana tool supply 1313.

We will be doing the main thing through whitelist token, giving to the members of the army. Any leftover supply will be moved to a public sale. So this is a project I think will do super well.

Obviously, the artwork is similar to something like retro wolves, just that it’s for dinosaurs, and I do really like it. I think it looks super cool and this Style of artwork tends to do really. Well.

People tend to like this kind of artwork, and I personally do as well and just the fact that the supply is so low with so many followers in a huge community. I think this project has massive potential to do awesome things.

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