How To Find The Best Upcoming NFT Projects

How To Find The Best Upcoming NFT Projects

Hey guys welcome to my blog. we today will be talking about how to find the best upcoming nft projects. So i’m basically going to show you how to find the best solana projects how to find the best cardano project how to find the best ethereum projects so basically how to find the best nft project in general on every blockchain.

And it’s an awesome tool that I don’t think a lot of you Guys know about so if you enjoyed this nft content, make sure to smash that like and subscribe down below. Obviously, if you want to see more nft content, please tell me down in the comment section exactly what you guys want to see. I might even start a solana trading series if you’re interested in that.

So definitely tell me that in the comment section so before we jump into this awesome tool that i’m going to show you, this post is actually sponsored by Pixel me. This is also an upcoming nft project that I will probably try to mint myself. It’s basically these pixelated zombie pictures and when this post gets uploaded, it’s approximately 15 hours until launch – and probably the coolest part about this project – is that the mint only lasts for 24 hours.

So let’s say only 1 000 zombies gets sold during the mint after 24 hours, the mint closes and there will only be 1 000 zombies in supply, so there’s basically a good Scenario either way because if it gets sold out, obviously you have a big community and A lot of buyers, but if it doesn’t get sold out, you have less supply which makes these nfts more scarce. So, as you can see, there’s 10. 5 k pixel zombie fellas on the theorem blockchain, but the team has actually told me that they are working on some future solana projects too.

So it might be worth just following this team to look out for futures a lot of projects As well, plus they’re, actually doing a bunch of giveaways. As you can see, once 3000 nfts has been sold, they will pick 20 random pixel zombie fellas holders, which will get 1 8 to their wallet. So that’s absolutely brilliant and they’ll do the same thing at 5.5, k, 8k and 10. 5 k. So that’s just awesome.

Obviously, this will list on openc after the mint as well. I will leave the links to this project down in the description, so go and check them out. If we head over to Twitter, they have almost 1 000 followers on twitter, and if we head over to discord, you can actually see that they have almost 5 000 members in their discord chat.

So that’s obviously great. So if you want to check them out, I will leave the links down in the description and now, let’s head over to the amazing tool that I was going to show you about how to find great and upcoming nft mints. So here we are, the site is called next drop, dot is slash upcoming, and here you Can see every single upcoming mint on both solana, cardano and ethereum, all in one place and as you can see, all of these are mints that are happening only today.

So there’s so much opportunity just from this website alone. Plus you can actually see how many items there are, what the main price will be and their twitter followers, as you can see, right here, is an awesome site. I use this all the time.

It’s just amazing. So I recommend all of you to check out the Site. I will obviously leave the link down in the description as well.

So, let’s say soul shades. You can obviously, just by the name, see that this will launch on solana. If you click on it, you actually get sent here where you have their discord, you have their website.

You also have a bit of information about the project as well as how many items there are the start, price or the main price when it will drop as well as their twitter and how many twitter followers They have. You can also click on this receive update buttons to be the first one to know about new projects. So that’s basically the tool I wanted to show you guys it’s just so valuable to know about.

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