How To Get Personal Loan With Lendingtree

How To Get Personal Loan With Lendingtree

You looking for a personal loan you trying to get some money you trying to get 10 20 30 40 50 000 well you need to read this. i told you i’m coming back to back today with videos i wasn’t lying i’m still got to run up in this gym but i’m trying to give you all this game today we’re talking about landing tree you want to get a personal loan they are easy there

Are quick in matters of minutes you could be approved this is what you need to do you need to have at least a 640 credit score right this will be a what a soft pull this is simple this is easy now my advice to you if you’re working with a 640 do not be trying to go get 15 thirty forty fifty thousand dollars because they range from a thousand

Dollars to fifty thousand but i always give advice my opinion remember i said my opinion not to be trying to get big amounts so you’re not going to be out there applying for 50 000 and you got a 650 come on people let’s have common sense about that right so my thing is that you follow these steps they’re going to ask you put your information in so

They’re gonna ask you different things they’re gonna ask you how quick do you need this money you could say 24 hours 48 hours three days seven days it’s up to you then they will come back and say what is your credit score and you will hit the box where you know if you have a 640 to 660 a 7 to 720 you will pick that information this is simple since they are doing a soft pull they might ask you something like a secret question they

Might ask you what’s your mother’s maiden name or have you lived at this address before you have to answer that make sure you answer that question correctly because that’s how they’re going to base to verify that this is you at that point you will be at the end of the application they will start loading they will say you are approved now what lender tree do they basically like a middleman they will get your application they’ll

Run it up they’ll see what your approval and they’ll shoot it out to different people and what happened usually those different people will respond in minutes they will be calling you you’ll be getting messaging they will tell you we can approve you for three thousand two five thousand seven thousand ten thousand twenty thousand thirty that whatever it may be and it’ll tell you for sixty months seventy two months and they will tell you your rate

What it’s gonna be so now when i did this uh i say about about a year ago i did this i’m going to show you what they approved me for at that time my credit score was about a 7 15. i was about a 7 15 when i applied for this about a year ago you can see above how much i got approved for so i got approved for exactly 27

414 dollars so did i take the money yes i took the money because at the time i was still building and i wanted to show them that i’m responsible my interest rate at the time was it was pr it was pretty high at the time would i take it today hell no i wouldn’t take it today but when you building credit sometimes you gotta roll the dices and take chances like this my interest was like 7.2 at the time i took the money i did what i

Had to do i did what i had to do for it i made the moves and i paid the money back it actually helped me really a lot because of the amount that they approved me for so now for you if you’re coming in with a 650 a 660 and they approve you for i don’t know 5 10 20 or even what i got 27 000 depending on your credit score that interest rate might be higher than

That so if you coming in with a 640 your interest rate might be 12 14 17 23 i don’t know these these are the companies that you want to use when you’re trying to build credit me today i don’t take nothing my range is 2 to four percent when it comes to real estate and they come to all the loans or if it comes to personal loans i don’t

Take nothing on the four over four percent so but when you starting off i guess you gotta you gotta take what you you know you can what they’re giving you so for me i’m in the window of two to four percent today i have excellent credit i ain’t got to worry about that but when you starting off you have to take these things you know you got to take the chances if

You’re trying to say you’re building a business and you have a business mind take that money like i did that 27 414 at that high rate i made a move and with six to nine months that money was paid off so i really benefited but they thought they benefited if you get what i’m saying i took the money i helped myself i helped my business and it started my profile off to get really

Big for personal loans so again try to do it tell me what you think if you get a proof send me screenshots this is easy people we’re not being lazy remember i had one person told me that they applied for one of the video one of the loans that i did a video on i can’t remember i don’t know if it was the wells fargo i got to find that screenshot because i need y’all to see what he said i’ll i’ll race his name but

This this was amazing the guy got the loan got approved for 15 000 right and then send me the message the next day saying what should i do i i don’t want the loan i just wanted to see if i was approved now you went did the whole process of getting this loan the wells fargo deposited 15 thousand in your bank account and you’re asking me the next day

Can i give the money back why did you apply for the loan if you don’t know what to do with the money come on people common sense don’t be out here applying and you don’t know what to do with the money you calling me asking me what should i do with the loan i want to give it back i just wanted to see if they approve it come on people are we playing games are we serious about our personal uh our personal credit and our

Business credit stop playing games get your ass up do the work get the money and put it to work because they give it to me i’m gonna make it happen but again like subscribe i appreciate y’all for rocking with me we going up this year i’m dropping video after video cause i want y’all to what to know this knowledge to put it to work to make your life better but i need to run up in this gym i’ve been in this car long enough

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